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Preferred FBOs and Discounts

FBO Airport Discount Ramp Fee Waived?
Adventure North Flying Service BDE $0.20 Yes
Advanced Aviation Jet Center IXD $0.49 Yes
Air 7 CMA $0.25 No
Aircraft Specalists Jet Center LZU $0.50 Yes
Ambassador Jet Center RBD $0.50 Yes
American Aviation PGA $0.20 No
Anderson Municipal Airport - Darlington Field AID $0.70 No
Astin Aviation CLL $0.35 Yes
AvFuel H-18 CYHU $0.50 Yes
Barnstormers PTK $0.35 Yes
Bismarck Aero Center BIS $0.75 Yes
Bluegrass Aviation BRY $0.50 No
Business Jet Center DAL $1.50 No
Butler Aviation HUM $0.50 Yes
Command Aviation Inc. BLI $0.53 No
Cornerstone Air Center FTW $0.65 Yes
Corporate Air Inc. VRB $0.74 No
Corporate Wings SBN $0.50 Yes
Cotton Belt Aviation GWO $0.50 Yes
Craig Air Center CRG $1.00 Yes
Dubois County Airport Authority HNB $0.25 Yes
Eagle East Aviation LWM $0.30 Yes
Elizabethtown Flying Service EKX $0.50 Yes
Epic Jet Center BFL $0.50 Yes
Executive Air GRB $0.60 Yes
Executive Aviation BTR $0.15 Yes
Fargo Jet Center FAR $0.85 Yes
Flightserv TTN $1.30 No
Flyadvanced ILG $0.25 No
Gander Aviation CYQX $0.45 Yes
Gary Jet Center GYY $0.25 Yes
Gateway Facilities Ulc CYHZ $0.60 Yes
Golden State Aviation SEE $0.10 Yes
Guatemala Dispatch Service MGGT $1.05 Yes
Hawthorne Global Aviation Services RYY $1.00 No
Hawthorne Global Aviation Services ISP $1.00 Yes
Hawthorne Global Aviation Services PWK $0.50 Yes
Hillsboro Aviation HIO $0.45 Yes
Hunt Pan Am Aviation BRO $1.00 Yes
Ideal Aviation CPS $0.50 No
Jet Aviation MYNN $0.15 Yes
Jet Center at Santa Fe SAF $0.50 Yes
Jetscape Services FLL $1.10 Yes
Krs Jet Center GGG $0.75 Yes
Lake Cumberland Regional Airport SME $0.10 Yes
Low Country Regional RBW $0.20 Yes
Lynx Fbo LIT $0.75 No
Lynx Fbo Network UAO $0.25 No
Magnum FBO Signature Select LOWW $0.10 No
Million Air St. Louis SUS $1.65 Yes
Nor East Aviation Services EWB $1.15 Yes
Northstar Jet MSO $0.60 Yes
Odyssey Aviation YIP $0.40 Yes
Page Aviation COT $0.20 No
Platinum Air Center JKA $0.50 Yes
PMH Aviation PMH $0.50 Yes
Premier Jet Center FCM $1.15 Yes
Rep Air Aviation MDJB $0.05 Yes
Riverside Jet Center RVS $0.60 Yes
Ross Aviation SDL $2.00 No
Ross Aviation TRM $1.00 No
Signature Fly Across MMTO $0.70 No
Sky Bright LCI $0.45 Yes
Skyline Aviation Inc SJT $1.00 Yes
Sparks Aviation Center TUL $0.70 Yes
Standard Aviation LLC TIST $0.20 Yes
Stout Flying Service LWS $0.25 Yes
Stuart Jet Center SUA $1.50 Yes
Sun Valley Aviation HRL $0.55 Yes
Swan Aero CYOJ $0.20 Yes
Swan Aeromotive CYQU $0.20 Yes
Test FBO Z11 $1.00 No
Top Gun Aviation HDC $1.70 Yes
Trident Aircraft ESN $0.10 Yes
Tunica Air Center UTA $0.20 Yes
Virginia Highlands Airport VJI $0.10 Yes
Waco Jet Center ACT $1.00 Yes
Williston Municipal X60 $0.10 Yes
Wilson Air Center HOU $1.25 Yes
Woodgate Aviation EGAA $0.25 No
Xjet APA $0.25 Yes

AirplaneManager.com members enjoy these FBO discounts and more. We also work with contract fuel companies to help make sure our customers enjoy the best fuel prices offered.